Australian Capital Territory Tint Laws

Australian Capital Territory tint laws do not permit any front windshield tinting. Front side windows can have 35% VLT tint. All windows behind driver can have 20% VLT.

Front Windshield

Top 10%

Front Side Windows

35% VLT

Back Side Windows

20% VLT

Rear Windshield

20% VLT

Window tint laws in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are very precise and easy to understand and don’t leave much for interpretation.

Front windshield tint is allowed only on top 10% of the window, or above the highest point swept by windshield wipers. This does not prohibit installing clear and transparent frost glazing or UV shields.

Front side windows are those in front or immediate left or right of the driver seat, and they may have up to 35% VLT applied.

All windows behind driver seat may be tinted with at most 20% VLT.

Australian Capital Territory Window Tint FAQ

What does VLT mean?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. VLT is measured in percentages. It measures how much light is allowed to pass through tinted windows. For example, 35% VLT blocks 65% of light from coming through.

Is reflective tint allowed in Australian Capital Territory?

Australian Capital Territory laws do not permit using tint film with higher than 10% reflection. For safety of other drivers you should always avoid using tint film with higher than normal glare.

Are there window tint medical exemptions in Australian Capital Territory?

There are no medical exemptions for any kind of conditions which would allow for darker than normal window tint.

Does window tint in Australian Capital Territory require certificates or stickers?

By ACT laws there are no special certificate or stickers required on tint film.

Which vehicles can have rear windows tinted?

Vehicles designed to carry goods, vehicle for which their construction doesn’t allow it, or vehicles in which there is no need to see through windows behind driver while driving may have any tint darkness on all windows behind driver. This includes trucks, vans, utility or other similar vehicles. It does not include SUVs.

Can windows inside vehicles be tinted?

According to ACT laws any windows inside the vehicle can legally have 70% VLT. This for example includes windows in taxi cars.

Tint Darkness Preview:

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Last update: February 19, 2024.